Stam duty on lease agreement in GurgaonIn this post i am going to tell you that how much is the stamp duty you have to purchase for the registration of a lease deed or lease agreement in Gurgaon.


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Stamp Duty is calculated on the annual rent. For example the annual rent of a property in Gurgaon is Rs 2,50,000/- then stamp duty will be 3 percent of the annual  i.e  Rs 7500/- will be the stamp duty.


Chart for Registration Charges

Over and Above the Stamp Duty Charges, the following are the additional charge under the head of  ” Registration Charge”  which you have to pay at the time of registration.

  • 1 to 50000 = Rs. 100
  • 50001 to 100000= Rs. 500
  • 100001 to 500000= Rs. 1000
  • 500001 to 1000000= Rs. 5000
  • 1000001 to 2000000= Rs. 10000
  • 2000001 to 2500000= Rs. 12500
  • Above 25 Lacs =Rs. 15000

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Stamp Duty on Lease deed in Gurgaon 2014

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